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IT support for the GDPR

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Cyber Security Audits

Our Cyber Security audits are fully compliant with the UK Governments Cyber Aware Scheme.
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Reliable, highly secure, cost effective solutions

A modern growing business uses cloud technology as a platform, simplifying daily IT operations. Our cloud based Managed Security Services reduce both risk and cost. We offer full cost transparency to help you choose an affordable IT support package.

Managed Service Provider

Our Managed IT Services provide a reliable and secure platform from which to grow your business, for a fixed monthly fee with unlimited technical support.

Cyber Security

We combine industry leading cyber security with Managed Security Services, powered by the Microsoft cloud.

Benchmark Performance

We’ve created ITIL IQ®, a unique bench marking platform that measures and scores your current IT operational maturity using the ITIL framework.

Plan for success

Based upon your ITIL IQ® score, we create a comprehensive Service Delivery Plan detailing actionable steps to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Review Progress

During monthly service reviews with your dedicated Service Delivery Manager, we monitor and report progress towards achieving your goals.

How can I reduce cost and risk?

We’ve created a useful guide to help you do just that! Start by simultaneously increasing your IT operational maturity and decreasing your cyber security risk. Learn how to benchmark your existing IT operational maturity using the ITIL/MOF frameworks and to reduce cost and lower risk through the effective use of technology. We’ll show you how to simplify and consolidate a business’s people, processes and tools by utilising cloud solutions designed to increase your IT operational maturity and cyber security defences.

What's your ITIL IQ®?

Our unique ITIL IQ® platform measures and scores IT performance. How does your IT perform?

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We're here to listen, educate, support and empower you

When choosing an IT support provider, it's important to know that they understand your requirements and put customers first. All too often technology companies simply list features and talk in a language that makes sense to them, but not to you. We believe technology should drive growth and unlock innovation. We begin by simplifying and consolidating your businesses people, processes and tools and free up your resources to focus on what makes your business unique. Then, we use technology to unlock innovation, deliver your unique value and delight your customers.
Are you a CFO or in a similar role?
Are maintenance costs rising 10-15% annually? Have enterprise maintenance agreements become vehicles for manufacturer ‘lock-in’? Are internal costs running high for contract management personnel?
Are you a CEO or in a similar role?
Are compliance issues keeping you awake at night? Are you struggling with GDPR requirements? Do you suffer from multiple prime support contractors 'finger pointing'? Is extremely vigorous oversight required to prevent lapses in legislative requirements?
Are you a CTO or in a similar role?
Do you struggle with multiple contracts, serial numbers and inconsistent support lines? Is manufacturer support degrading due to outsourcing and other cost reduction measures? Does lack of cross vendor support result in taking longer to find solutions?

Whatever role you perform for your business...

We create original thought leadership designed to address your issues and concerns. Our helpful blog from industry leaders covers topics that matter to you, such as upcoming GDPR legislation and how that matters to your business or share strategy and tactics to reduce cost and risk whilst improving service to your customers. We create technology solutions that put our customers first. Here’s an example of our most recent blog articles…
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Customer's will never love a company until your employees do

My employees used to complain about our old IT support company as they always waited for problems to occur before fixing them. Now, First monitors our business 24/7/365 and fix things before we even notice them. Now my employees are more productive and we’re delighted with First Technologies!

Marcel Vossen

Build a growth engine

Looking to leverage big data to make decisions, be mobile centric, and incorporate social media to engage customers? We have the technology to grow your business and realise your business goals.

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