I know that you have heard this message again and again and again, so I’m going to cut straight to the helpful bits…

Key Points

  • 12 characters or more.
  • Upper & Lowercase & symbols.
  • Avoid info that can be pulled from social media (family names, maiden names, birthplace, D.O.B… I’m sure you understand)
  • Don’t reuse a password.
  • Password Managers are good.
  • It is better to have 2FA than to not have 2FA.

Here are 2 methods that you can use to create a strong memorable password.

3 Random Words

PlaneBushDog                Play around with the capital letters PlanebUshdoG

ManSkyPencil                 Add a few symbols in Man!Sky&Pencil.

GreenPaperSign            You could do both greeN!PapeR&SigN.

Song Lyrics

This is my personal favourite. Pick a song that you are familiar with. It could be your favourite song. But not one that you are known for.

if you are constantly blogging about this song, the song lyrics are on your email footer, you sing this song constantly at your desk… then pick your second favourite song! The password needs to be as hard as possible to crack.

It is best to choose one of the more obscure lines in the song rather than the chorus.

If we take Elton John – Rocket Man as an example.

 ”She packed my bags last night pre-flight

Zero hour nine AM
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then  

I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
It’s lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight”

The lines highlighted above…

”Zero hour nine AM
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then ”

If we take the first character of each word, we get…


This is a fairly strong password and we can make it even stronger by substituting certain characters for symbols.

 ZhnAAIgbhaakbt becomes Zhn44!gbh44kbt This is a strong password!


I use this method personally. It took some time before I could input my password quickly but this stage does pass.

When I reached the point where I could insert my password easily and quickly, I made it even longer.


Could become…

Zhn44!gbh44kbt   as we did above.

Then we could add in the next line of lyrics

Zhn44!gbh44kbt + ”I miss the earth so much I miss my wife”


Again, you could substitute certain characters for symbols.


You could even insert a line from a completely different song.

Choosing a song that you know ensures that you will remember the sequence of words, and from this sequence, you can pull the password.

Adding symbols makes this process more complicated but persevere, it’s worth it!