First Solution Podcast with Henry Staelens, CEO of Forest Green Rovers

First Solution Podcast with Henry Staelens, CEO of Forest Green Rovers

Hello and welcome to the First Solution podcast!

Our podcast series will bring interviews with leading South West UK business leaders, talking technology, sustainability, digital transformation and more!

For our first guest we are delighted to have Henry Staelens, CEO of Forest Green Rovers.

FGR are a professional football club based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, they compete in League Two of the football league. They are renowned for being the greenest sports club in the world, and are constantly striving to implement eco friendly and sustainable innovations into what they do. They are also became the worlds first vegan football club back in 2015.

Henry is a well known entrepreneur in Gloucestershire, and is the youngest CEO in professional football.

Nigel Church and Paul Hillis of First Solution sat down with Henry to have a wide ranging chat on lots of different topics. We talked about how Forest Green are adapting to the pandemic, what Covid-19 means for the future of football, sustainability in business and much more.

We also found out who Henry thinks is the best football player of all time is, alongside plenty of off ramblings – including ended the debate once and for all of who would win a fight between a tiger and a grizzly bear.

We hope you enjoy!

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