Getting started with Microsoft Teams #3 – Conversations within teams

Getting started with Microsoft Teams #3 – Conversations within teams

Welcome to episode 3 of getting started with Teams series. In this series we intend to show you some of the basic elements of teams and how you can start getting the most out of this powerful service.

Today we are going to talk about having conversations within teams.

Conversations take place within channels of teams. If you click the A icon, you have lots of different formatting options. You can choose if its an announcement or a conversation, choose who is allowed to reply, and many other options, for example adding in links.

You can upload documents with the paperclip icon, which will appear in the files section. Of course you can add emojis if you like, GIFs, and you even have memes that you can edit.

Another useful feature is @ people function – what is useful about this is that it will notify the person that has been tagged. If you notify someone, this will appear in their activity in the top right hand corner of her teams view. If a channel is very important to you, you can change your notification settings.

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