Getting started with Microsoft Teams #4

Getting started with Microsoft Teams #4

Welcome to episode 4 of getting started with Teams series. In this series we intend to show you some of the basic elements of teams and how you can start getting the most out of this powerful service.

Today we are going to talk about search.

At the top of the Microsoft Teams interface, there is a search box. This search box will search everything – all of your teams, channels, calendar invites and files you have access to.

For instance if you type ‘sales’ in the box, you can see all of the messages that had that term, and all of the files too.

If you type a person’s name in the command box at the top of the app, you will see their profile pop up. If you select their name, you can then go to a one-on-one chat with them.

Typing / will give you a several options to explore, some related to search and some related to different actions in Microsoft Teams.

For example, if you type ‘/activity’ you can see the latest things someone has been working on. By typing ‘/away’ you can set your status to away. There are multiple functions available by typing’ @’. For Instance if you select ‘@news’ it links me to the Microsoft News app to see what is going on in the world

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