Getting started with Microsoft Teams #5

Getting started with Microsoft Teams #5

Welcome to Episode 5 of getting started with Teams series. In this series we intend to show you some of the basic elements of teams and how you can start getting the most out of this powerful service.

Today we will talk about chat.

It is important to understand the difference between posts and chats, because it can get a bit confusing. A post is something that happens in a channel. Anyone who has access to that channel can view it, included people who are added to the channel in the future – so it’s a bit like a public conversation.

A chat can be one on one, or a group, but it is private to the members of that chat.

A chat has many similar functions to a channel – you can post files and look at activity are some examples.

If you want to start a chat, go to chat on the left bar and type the persons name. You have options to start a video or audio call on the right hand side if you want to.

If you click ‘organisation’ and your IT admin has set it up, it will show you where the person you are talking to is in the organisation – useful if you are in a big company.

If you want to add people, on the left hand side if you the ‘add’ icon you can bring in the people you want. This will create a new chat and will not show any previous messages to the new person.

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