OK, so it’s time to renew your IT support contract again. That feeling of dread is like a lead brick in your stomach, not exactly a fun task, is it? To begin with, why don’t IT support companies talk you in a language you understand? They all seem the same and just list a million different features in a language that makes sense to them – but not to you. You dread the prospect of getting it wrong and a lapse of coverage meaning that you’re not supported when you need it most, or the sales guy turning up and painting a picture so bleak that it puts the fear of god into you – lost backups, viruses, email’s going missing, and what on earth is GDPR anyway? Aren’t we leaving the EU?

How to choose an IT support company.

Fear not dear reader, help is at hand. You’re probably looking to reduce cost and lower risk – that’s all. Now why can’t an IT support company simply show you how to do that? Well, at First Solution that’s exactly what we do. If you’ve been tasked with the responsibility for, or input into, choosing an IT support company then help is at hand. We’ve created a free guide to help you form an IT cost reduction strategy and simultaneously increase your cyber security defences. The reason we created this guide is because we believe that by educating, supporting and empowering people that we create champions who promote our business (which we call ‘customer delight’). Those happy people then go out and promote our business which is a virtuous circle and everybody wins (except our competitors)! Makes sense, right?

Where do we begin?

The reason it’s confusing to deal with many IT support companies is that they tend to be very similar with not much to differentiate themselves in a very crowded market. Also, they appear to focus on listing product and platform features and types of service which doesn’t make sense to most people. So, we wrote this helpful guide to help people like you decide using criteria we know to be important to your role, such as how choosing the right IT support provider can help minimise costs and risk to your business. Or even how choosing the right IT support company can help you to unlock innovation and provide better service to your customers, or to free up valuable resources for more important tasks like driving growth. All we ask is that you opt into our mailing list so we can send you more helpful content just like this, and if after you’ve read the guide you decide it’s not for you then that’s cool too – just unsubscribe from our mailing list (or drop us an email and we’ll do it for you). But we’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you’ve joined us and lots more free stuff will be winging its way to your inbox. If there’s anything you feel we’ve missed or if you’d like to challenge something then why not join our forum and put down your thoughts. We’ll respond in kind and our goal is always to help support, educate and empower you.

Happy reading!


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