Press Release – Local Business Helps Community with Digital Skills

Ever since the famous Fighter Squadron 303 fought alongside the RAF in the Battle of Britain, there have been inseparable bonds between Britain and Poland. Both countries owe a debt of history to each other and naturally there is now a large population of people of Polish origin who have settled in the Britain their ancestors fought to preserve, a place their families now call home. In fact, recent statistics from the ONS highlight a population of over 500,000 people, originally from Poland, have now settled in the UK leading to the need for schools, shops and many other essential services to exist which help to educate and integrate the population. Schools such as the Polish School in Cheltenham are providing these essential services and in turn rely upon the local community to provide students, teachers and volunteers to meet the needs of the local community.

One local business doing just that is leading local IT support and Cyber Security provider, First Solution Technologies Limited, based in Montpellier House in Cheltenham. Since 2006, First Solution has provided a mix of IT support and cyber security to help clients realise their desired business outcomes through simple, secure and affordable IT. However, First Solution has a perhaps unique sense of Social Corporate Responsibility which it takes very seriously and pledges each year to return 1% of its annual profits to the local community. Helping organisations such as the Pied Piper Appeal and local sporting teams such as the Old Patesians RFC, First Solution has also embraced the Polish School in Cheltenham providing donations of computer equipment, software, but more importantly time and expertise to help the school develop a technology strategy. First Solution Service Director, Chris Kopec, regularly meets with the school to help provide guidance and expertise thereby enabling the students to earn not just new language but essential digital skills. Kopec stated…

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the Polish School staff and an inspiration to assist their management with creating this unusual community space”

In return, Marzena Zylka, Director of the Polish School stated…

“First solution is helping us with any IT related issues and needs, often going way beyond their line of duty and I’m really pleased to be working alongside First Solution. This mutually beneficial relationship has benefitted not only the school and its students, teachers and volunteers but more equally importantly the wider local community.”

The example set by First Solution as actively embracing and supporting the local community is one which has enriched the lives of all it has reached and is a shining example of how local businesses and leaders working together, just like the pilots during the Battle of Britain, can bring together and inspire the next generation of Great Britain’s, just like our forefathers did.