Getting started with Microsoft Teams #1 – Create a Team

Getting started with Microsoft Teams #1 – Create a Team

Welcome to getting started with Teams. In this series we intend to show you some of the basic elements of teams and how you can start getting the most out of this powerful service.

The most important thing to understand when just starting out is the structure of Microsoft teams. At a high level Teams consists of:

Teams – which is a group of people that work towards a purpose or goal

And channels which is a topic of conversation within that team.

So for instance you can have your sales team and then have various channels within the sales team. For instance monthly reports, targets, the big deal we are all working on.

To go and create a team, simply go to ‘create a team’, select the security permissions you would like to apply, give the team a name and a description if you feel necessary, and create.

You can then go ahead and start adding members to your team.

Watch the video down below for a demonstration

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