IT Cyber Security: The Importance in Small Businesses

IT Cyber Security: The Importance in Small Businesses

At one time, IT cyber security only seemed to be a concern for larger companies. It was most profitable for hackers to target firms with large profits, a huge bank of customer data, and large sums of cash that they could pay in the event of ransomware attacks.

And, while attacks are still common against large businesses, it’s small businesses that are most at threat from cyber security threats in the present day. With less security architecture and smaller IT teams, small business owners urgently need cyber security solutions that cover the entirety of the threat landscape in the 2020s.

Four Reasons Why Small Companies Need Cyber Security

Small businesses need cyber security to protect them in the event of a data breach, a cyber attack, or other security risks. Here, we’ll look at the four most important reasons why small businesses require smart and sustainable security solutions for the long term.

Protect Your Business
If you’re wondering how important is IT cyber security to small business, you’ll just need to look at some of the firms that have suffered with low protection in recent years. Those that have operated without the kind of cyber security protection offered by First Solution have found themselves targeted by hackers and data thieves, leading to a loss of data and use disruption to their firm. Those with adequate IT cyber security measures have avoided these difficult, damaging and sometimes disastrous cyber threat events.

A smart cyber security partnership with a firm that you can trust to look after your data, look out for potential cyber threats, and secure your anti virus software, will help to alleviate the stress of operating a firm online in the digital age. Protection is your number one priority when it comes to your IT infrastructure and it should also be compliant with data protection laws and infrastructure protection to keep your firm going no matter what.

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Increasing Need
The problem with cyber threats is that they develop over time. As cyber security becomes more sophisticated, so too do the threats that this security aims to protect against. In this pitched battle between the protectors and the attackers, there are often successful attacks that slip through. This is how businesses increasing need for cyber security remains incredibly important today.

To help you understand and protect against these developing threats, you should look to a managed security provider like First Solution. Our team have worked in this space for years, responding to emerging threats and adjusting our approach so that the firms that we work with are always up to date when it comes to their software protection and the advice that we offer to your digital teams.

Smart Management
Small businesses and individuals often believe that downloading a cyber security software package will be enough to protect their personal computers or their business laptops from security incidents. Unfortunately, this approach is often simply inadequate when it comes to responding to the sheer volume and diversity of threats in the online space, and to protect your business properly, you need a managed approach. UK businesses deserve better from their cyber security, and that’s what First Solution aims to offer: smart, helpful, reliable cyber security services. If you’re wondering how do we manage cyber security in a small business, talk to one of our expert advisors on the phone, email a query, or explore our website for case studies of the fine work we’ve achieved in the past.

Lack of Resources
At First Solution, we’ve worked with small businesses for years. We know what makes firms like yours tick and we know how your resources are balanced finely in your quest to secure high profits year after year. We know, too, that it’s simply impossible for you to pay a full IT team in-house to protect your business from cyber threats. Local businesses simply don’t have the resources and that’s why our IT support business is proud to serve the small business community in the UK.

Our approach is tailored around the digital infrastructure that your business maintains. Whether you’re selling products online, maintaining a digital ordering system, or using customer and company data to refine your sales strategy, our security measures will help you to continue doing business with confidence. Small, local businesses might look like an easy target for hackers who are looking for a quick win through phishing, data acquisitions, or cyber threats, and that means it’s incredibly important that you partner with a managed IT services firm that can help you deal with cyber threats across the digital world.

These four factors should help you to reconsider your firm’s cyber security. At First Solution, we’re happy to talk further with you about the cyber threats we see small businesses falling foul of across the UK, and what we can do to guarantee your firm protection from this disruption in the future.


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