What are the Benefits of Managed Service Providers?

What are the Benefits of Managed Service Providers?

If you are considering moving to managed IT services but you’re not sure exactly what the benefits are or you would like more details on what is normally included in managed IT service packages, you’ll find the information you are looking for in this article.

What Managed IT Services Can Do for Your Company

As experienced managed service providers in the UK, we offer a full range of IT services to companies in Bristol, Swindon, Cheltenham and surrounding areas, delivered by a team of highly-skilled and superbly qualified professionals. Our managed IT services, in common with those of other reputable service providers, have many benefits to offer companies of all sizes:

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support for a Fixed Fee – This is an especially useful benefit for small to medium-sized companies that might struggle to justify the cost of an in-house team of IT experts. Paying a fixed rate for third-party technical support is far more economical than paying the salaries of full-time staff who may have little to do when their support is not required.
  • 24/7/365 IT System Monitoring – A good managed service provider will not wait for something to go wrong; they will actively monitor your systems so they can address potential issues before they have the chance to disrupt your business activities. Software such as our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform is designed to ensure that your corporate IT systems are running efficiently at all times.
  • First-Class Data Security – Managed IT services include risk intelligence software that assesses the potential cost of data breaches, scans for vulnerabilities and protects your systems from a variety of threats. This protection includes antivirus/antimalware and other measures to prevent hacking attempts.
  • Automatic Software Updates – With managed IT services, you never have to worry about updating software and operating systems again. Patch management and maintenance functionality will ensure that your IT systems are always up to date and that your security measures continue to provide a high level of protection against all types of threats.
  • Predictable and Scalable Costs – With a managed IT service provider, it’s not just your helpdesk costs that are easy to predict. All your IT operating and maintenance costs will be both predictable and scalable. Downsizing or upsizing your IT systems and services will be a painless procedure that is very easy to budget for.
  • Maximising Technology Investment – Partner with a managed service provider that provides strategy and upgrade advice as part of their services, with regular reviews of your IT systems, and you can maximise your investment in technology. A comprehensive managed service package will include reviews that target cost reductions and help you to plan how best to spend your IT budget.

For full details of what First Solution have to offer, please see our Managed Services page or call and speak to us right now.

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