Zero Trust Cyber Security - why you need to adopt it

Zero Trust Cyber Security - why you need to adopt it

Between 2020 and 2021, there were 270 more cyberattacks, on average, per company – that’s a 31% increase from 2020. Nearly all IT managers, CEOs and managing directors acknowledge that data breaches and hack attacks have become a more regular occurrence in the world of IT cyber security, and it’s only a matter of when rather than if, as far as these cyber security breaches go.

Ransomware attacks have gotten bigger and more sophisticated than ever: July 2021 saw a major data breach at Capital One where a hacker managed to access more than 80,000 bank accounts and up to 140,000 social security numbers. More than 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians were affected, causing the company’s stock to sink by over 5% barely a week after the breach.

What is Zero Trust?

One of the easiest and most common ways for hackers to gain entry to a company’s private information is through their information systems’ endpoints (PCs). Fortunately, the IT cyber security paradigm has now shifted with ThreatLocker® – which adds “Zero Trust” policy-driven security to all your endpoints.

Cyber criminals are now becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. The IT cyber security techniques First Solution is currently adopting is something only being offered to large governments and major enterprises – until now.

The Zero Trust cyber security framework has become absolutely 100% necessary in today’s business environment – in order to provide the required visibility and IT controls to secure, manage and actively monitor every device, app, user and network that’s used to access a company’s private and often highly sensitive information.

The benefits of Zero Trust with ThreatLocker

The Zero Trust security framework states that organisations should not trust any entity whatsoever outside their own security perimeter at any point in time. Data Storage Control, Application Whitelisting, and Ringfencing are just some of the ways that ThreatLocker can keep your business safe.

After installing ThreatLocker on your workstations, it will effectively block every unapproved or unauthorised piece of software, along with viruses, ransomware and a broad range of malicious software. If you or anyone in your organisation attempts to run an application or software not approved, it will send you a prompt notification to the First Solution cyber security team, who will review the request and ensure that the requested app/software is free of viruses and non-malicious in nature.

In overview, adopting ThreatLocker and a Zero Trust policy can:

• Audit every file, app and software access in real-time
• ensures that no new or unknown apps or malicious software can get past your anti-virus and cyber-security framework, thanks to an Application Whitelisting feature
• Control the level of access for devices, apps and users, and how they access your company information, giving you tight control without compromising productivity
• Set individual policies for the file types which can be saved to/copied from or deleted from your information systems

It’s time to implement a Zero Trust policy for unparalleled IT cyber security. First Solution, powered by ThreatLocker, has you covered.

If you’re interested in learning more about ThreatLocker and Zero Trust, and to see how it can benefit our business, please book an introductory meeting where we can arrange a demonstration and a free trial of this groundbreaking new solution.

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