Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We like to think everyone wants to make positive changes in the world. But as a small business how can we make a difference? At First Solution, we pledge 1% of annual profits to help give back to the causes our employees, customers, partners, and anyone else affected by our corporate policy care about.

Our Customers

First Solution operates a Code of Conduct for business ethics, and all employees receive training in these guidelines. The guidelines emphasise how employees should relate to customers and business partners, and also lays down guidelines for how to contribute to a good and inclusive working relationships, ensure diversity and contribute to a good environmental standard.

Our Partners

We apply a restrictive approach to accepting gifts or participating in other benefits or activities arranged by business partners in order to ensure that its employees do not find themselves in a situation that may be interpreted as, or in fact amount to, corruption. The company has established guidelines for how individual employees should handle this type of situation, and all employees have a duty to comply with them.

Our Employees

We ensure employees feel valued and are a highly motivated team working in an environment that actively supports their learning and development. Staff should feel encouraged and inspired to feel positive about the impact that their work has on the wider environment and society.

Our Team

Customer Delight

Putting you first. We provide a remarkable customer experience that focuses on your needs, interests, and wishes.

Flexible and Helpful

Our business IT support services are flexible and helpful. We’ll listen and respond to your business needs.

Cyber Essentials Accredited

We offer a free IT security health check for your business and are Cyber Essentials accredited service provider.

24/7/365 Support

Our Network Operations Centre is staffed with over 650 engineers, putting you first around the clock.

Single Source Provider

As a single supplier for all of your business IT requirements, we take complete responsibility for your business IT support.

Free IT Spending Review

We offer a free IT spending review, designed to help lower your business IT costs, demonstrating our value and building trust.

Our Team

"Customers will never love a company until employees love it first"