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What is digital transformation?

If a traditional business wants to survive in this day and age, it needs to undergo a digital transformation. You only have to look at the demise of numerous major organisations. Blockbuster, Toys-R-Us, Maplin – even though they were once household names, they quickly fell by the wayside because they didn’t adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape.

Simply put, if you’re not willing to embrace digital technology, your customer base is going to slowly dwindle away. You need to adapt and ensure you follow customer behaviour – otherwise your business will cease to compete.
Going back to the question posed, digital transformation is where technology is utilised to improve essentially any element of a business model. The benefits of digital transformation are simple: it gives you the chance to significantly improve the value, efficiency, and productivity of your business.

How First Solution can help with your move to digital

For any traditional business that is now looking to embrace digital, there’s one stumbling block that is often too daunting to face alone: actually completing the switch. A lot of work is required for a digital transformation, particularly for any business owner that has a limited knowledge of modern technology.

This is where First Solution comes into the equation. Our digital transformation consulting team begins by analysing the current structure of your business. Following this, they will put together the necessary moves that see your digital experiences go from ‘reactive’ to ‘transformative’.

Using digital transformation services isn’t something to take lightly. As the name implies, it will literally transform how your business works. Yet going the digital route is essential if you want to positively address current market realities. If you fail to adapt now, your business is going to become less and less competitive as time goes on.

Our approach to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves reimagining the business model, customer or user experience, and operational processes in a way that connects people with your brand, business, products and services. It’s also about connecting and engaging people through emerging technologies in ways that create deeper long-term relationships with your customers.

Therefore, creating lasting transformative digital capabilities requires you to build a customer-obsessed culture within your own organisation. It’s not a simple or easy process – but it’s necessary to not only survive but thrive in today’s economy. Digital transformation doesn’t follow a change in your business strategy. It is the business strategy that transforms your business model.

Modern Workplace

Empower your teams to be creative and work together, securely, centred around the Office 365 platform

Business Intelligence

Develop transparent business performance. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your data and translate those insights into strategic actions

Internet of Things

Manage, maintain and optimize connected systems to build competitive advantage in the new connected world


Provide your digital workforce with the tools they need. Promote engagement, enhance collaboration, wellness, and a sense of purpose.

AI and Machine Learning

Develop innovative solutions that improve your customer experience and delivers efficiency

Find out how Gloucester Rugby are transforming their business operations with the use of Microsoft’s Modern Workplace.

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