Flexible Working Readiness Assessment

Is your business ready to permanently adopt flexible working?

Discover how prepared your people, systems and processes are for the move to flexible working

Flexible working can have significant benefits – for your business, your workforce, and for the planet. When implemented well, a hybrid/flexible working model can help cut office overheads, improve productivity, give your employees a better work-life balance, open up your talent pool to more remote talent, and increase job satisfaction.

However, you need the right technology, strategy and set-up to make it work for you. This is where the Flexible Working Readiness Assessment comes in.

How this assessment works

This tool is a quick way of analysing your business and working out whether you’re ready to adopt flexible working. It covers three key areas that are essential for effective flexible working:

  1. Cyber Security
    An assessment of your existing cyber security solutions. This will help establish whether you have the necessary defenses in place to protect your systems from the threats associated with remote working.
  2. Communication & Collaboration
    A quick look at your channels of communication, and whether they are optimised for efficient collaboration.
  3. Productivity
    Successful flexible working relies on your employees having the right tools at their disposal. Are your teams as productive as they could be?

What will I learn?

The assessment is made up of 10 main questions and should take no longer than two minutes to complete. Once you’ve finished, you’ll see your results and get the option to receive a copy of them via email (along with a free copy of our white paper “Enabling Flexible Working: the technology formula to future-proof your business”).

Taking this assessment is a quick way to get a top-line view on how prepared you are for the move to flexible working.

These results offer you a top-line overview of your current strengths as well as any areas that may need more focus. The higher the percentage, the more ready you are to pursue permanent hybrid working. So, ready to get started?