Getting started with Microsoft Teams #2 – Working with Channels

Getting started with Microsoft Teams #2 – Working with Channels

Welcome to episode 2 of getting started with Teams series. In this series we intend to show you some of the basic elements of teams and how you can start getting the most out of this powerful service.

Working with Channels

As we discussed in the last session, a channel is a topic of conversation within a team.

Every team has a general channel, in which there is a conversation area. If anyone gets added to the team at a later date, they can go ahead and look at conversations that have already happened to bring themselves up to speed.

Each channel within a team has its own conversation area. This is designed as such because although everyone is working within a team, different people might be interested in different topics, and it makes it much easier to organise and search.

In addition to the conversation area there is a file area, where you can upload documents that are automatically shared with the team. You can many useful things here such as create new documents, upload documents, and get the link of a document or folder.

Every channel has a ‘wiki’ in which explains everything needed about a channel and what is involved in it. You can rename this if you wish.

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