What Is a Managed IT Services Provider?

What Is a Managed IT Services Provider?

At First Solution, we provide managed IT services for a range of small and medium-sized businesses. Managed services are continually growing in popularity, with more and more enterprises utilising this option for their benefit. Yet if you’re a newcomer to the world of managed IT services, you might be wondering what this actually entails.

Let us explain.

A definition of a managed services provider

A managed services provider, sometimes abbreviated to MSP, is a third-party company that supplies a defined set of outsourced services. The provider assumes the responsibility of these services and takes care of them for the business. This is a strategic method that is utilised by small businesses, large organisations, and everything in between.

As for a managed IT services provider, this could include everything from a support desk to providing round-the-clock antivirus security. At First Solution, we supply a comprehensive services package to ensure each business receives the IT support they desire. These include:

  • Software management
  • Remote monitoring
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Remote access
  • Managed antivirus protection
  • Managed web security
  • Backup and recovery
  • Mobile device management
How does it work when engaging with a provider?

When partnering up with a managed IT services provider, you might be wondering how the relationship works. For instance, you may believe you relinquish the overall control and responsibility of your IT systems. However, this isn’t actually the case. You’re still in charge when you engage with a provider.

Also, you have full control over what services you want the provider to cover. This means you can pick a certain amount of IT services for the provider to take care of, while the rest can continue being done in-house.

The benefits of using managed services

As you will already have gathered by now, there’s a range of advantages when it comes to using managed IT services. While these differ depending on the type of services used by a business, below are some of the general benefits:

  • Expertise: A business gains instant expertise and knowledge they previously didn’t possess. This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses that failed to have the budget to put together their own in-house IT support team.
  • Everything remains up-to-date: There’s no need to worry about keeping software up-to-date. This is all taken care of by a managed IT services provider. Also, you can gain access to the latest technology – the type that you may not be able to afford on your own.
  • Save time: When you outsource any type of work, this ensures your business saves time. With a provider dealing with services such as security and backups, you can focus on other areas of your company.
  • Predictable costs: When you enlist the help of a provider, you typically do so by agreeing to a set contract fee. Due to this, you avoid being hit by any unpredictable – and expensive – bills when you encounter any significant IT issues.

Ultimately, a managed IT services provider acts as an extension of your business. They provide expertise at an affordable price, and they help you to achieve your goals.

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