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Flexible Working Solutions

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Are you fully prepared for a Flexible Working Future?

We know that fallout from the Global Pandemic is permanently changing the ways that you – and your suppliers and customers – do business.

Business owners and corporate teams face unprecedented challenges including a dispersed workforce, fragmented markets, over-extended lines of communication and logistics, and the impact of remote working on security, productivity and connectivity.

So, how well prepared are you to manage this step-change in your business? Take a moment to complete our Flexible Working Readiness Assessment to find out…

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We’ve also created a free, four-part thought leadership White Paper for you on various aspects of Hybrid Working:

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As the effects of the crisis continue to unfold, how can you stay fully in control of your hybrid workforce, and even get ahead of the game?

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Your First Solution for… Cyber Security & Cloud Firewalls

A ‘work from anywhere’ business setup can leave you vulnerable to intrusions, phishing and ransomware attacks by increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals and fraudsters. Our Cyber Security Management Solution maintains the integrity of your systems to ensure business continuity, and protection of your critical data and intellectual property (IP).

For a full explanation of the threats posed, and how our cloud firewall and antivirus solutions will protect your business from cyber threats, please read more here on our Cyber Security solutions page…

Discover our Cyber Security Solutions

Your First Solution for… Flexible Working Systems and Managing a Remote Workforce

Almost overnight, working from home (WFH) became the ‘new normal’, and very few businesses were adequately prepared for remote working. We saw the already fast-growing demand for our secure, flexible work from anywhere (WFA) systems change into an urgent cry for help!

We provide emerging technology solutions and safeguards to keep your dispersed workforce and flexible workplaces operating safely and productively going forward. Read more on our Cyber Security Solutions.

Your First Solution for… Employee Empowerment and Communication

In future, your workforce may well comprise a flexible mix of home, remote and office or on-site workers. The challenge is to keep everybody motivated and engaged, able to share and exchange their insights and pass on skills and expertise, meeting fellow team members in both social and business settings.

Fortunately, emerging technology can help here too. Applications we recommend and support include Microsoft Teams, the powerful collaboration platform, and an innovative suite of products designed to help people and businesses thrive – Microsoft Viva. It benefits the entire organization by facilitating learning and development, employee engagement, and building better work habits.

You’ll find a full rundown of Microsoft Viva on our sister company First Digital’s website…

Your First Solution for… Productivity through Connectivity with Microsoft Teams

Throughout the crisis, Microsoft Teams has helped to keep people connected and working productively. It’s a powerful application, and most businesses have yet to unlock its full potential, which extends well beyond hosting virtual meetings.

For an in-depth overview of Teams, please visit our sister First Digital website.

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