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Managed Backup and Recovery

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Never leave your digital assets at risk again. Our fully managed, integrated backup, and recovery service ensures businesses of all sizes are protected.

Keeping your digital assets safe has never been easier, thanks to our managed backup and disaster recovery service. Our hybrid cloud offering is directly integrated into our specialist, Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) platform. This gives us the ability to backup and recover not just files but also applications and even machines – while also supplying constant protection for both virtual and physical machines.

If you employ First Solution as your online backup and recovery manager, your employees can sit back and feel confident all sensitive data is kept safe. You can also relax knowing you’re deploying a simple, predictable, and fast solution. Perhaps best of all is the affordable nature of our platforms. Pricing is available per device for workstations and servers.

Our abilities

Due to offering one of the most comprehensive backup and recovery manager networks, it’s fair to say we possess a wide range of abilities. Here’s a quick look:

  • True Delta: Changes are tracked at the block level, which allows for rapid and lightweight backups. This means recovery point objectives can be improved, and backups performed more frequently.
  • Backup Accelerator: Our Backup Accelerator improves overall performance by keeping backup windows short. All tracking changes are automatically filed between backups.
  • Bare metal protection: Data, system state, applications, the full OS boot up environment – our system allows you to automatically back up all of these in case of a disaster.
  • Virtual disaster recovery: Restore your virtual or physical server to a virtual machine. Hyper-V, Amazon, Azure, and VMware are all supported.
  • Continuous recovery: If a running server cannot continuously update, our backup and recovery system keeps the standby server – when restored – automatically updated. This is done following each backup session.
  • Virtua system support: Hyper-V and VMware ESX platforms are both supported.
  • Minimum resource usage: Each backup and restore is lightweight, which minimises the drain on resources.
  • Exchange restore: Any restore exchange environments are found at either a granular file or complete database level.
  • Rapid recovery: Our architecture provides the chance for us to recover to either virtual or physical serves. The system automatically selects the recovery source, which is the fastest.
  • Data archiving: By complying with several data archiving policies, you can go beyond the normal retention model.
  • Bandwidth throttling: With a user-defined backup window, restrict upload and download bandwidth.
  • Automatic updates: Following each live server backup, our platform can update a standby virtual server automatically.
  • Standby image backup: During each scheduled backup, a local .VHD/X file is automatically created.
Outstanding security

As an expert backup and recovery manager, we take the aspect of security very seriously. This is why we deliver world class digital safety features.

  • Private encryption key: When recovering and accessing data, only the private key owner can do so. This thwarts any unauthorised access and ultimately keeps your business data safe.
  • Advanced Encryption Standards (AES): An AES 128-bit encryption is used to encrypt all data in motion and at rest.
  • End-to-end encryption: Each backup is encrypted on-site, and this is followed by it being transferred – with secure connections – until it reaches the cloud. Data is only ever decrypted when a recovery takes place on-site at your business.
  • Password protection: Control client-side password protection, which can restrict alterations and limit functions to just restores only.
  • Globally distributed data centres: We utilise numerous ISO-certified and SSAE-compliant data centres across the world.

Our Approach

As your business evolves, so do your systems, infrastructure, and the skills of your people. Our Proactive IT Support Services provide a wide range of IT support, including IT staff training, health and risk assessments, and best practices. Our support services IT focused approach helps you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way with Proactive IT Support.

Our Proactive Services are available for our clients. Many of our client's environments are dependent on applications and developers who innovate on the Microsoft platform. We connect you with deep expertise around Microsoft development technologies. Proactive Services are available for on premise, in the cloud or hybrid solutions. Many of our services are optimised to assist your IT team in migration and support in complex transitional environments and solutions.

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Find out how Gloucester Rugby are transforming their business operations with the use of Microsoft’s Modern Workplace.

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