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We develop strength in depth, layered security policies to keep your business safe.

At First Solution we combine industry leading Cyber Security solutions with our fully secure Managed Services powered by the Microsoft cloud. Combining security and technology into a single platform to help consolidate your businesses people, processes and tools thereby reducing the attack vector of your business. We begin with a free and comprehensive cyber security audit.

Our three step Managed Security services process is designed to provide maximum protection from cyber threats and provide a quick and efficient response to suspected breaches.

Step One: Connect data breach risk to business results.

Whether you’re working for a small business or you’re a corporate IT professional, you have to convince decision makers to invest in security. We believe the best way to do that is to put risk in terms of financial impact.

Our Risk Intelligence scans your network in real time for three kinds of threat – sensitive data, vulnerabilities, and inappropriate access permissions. Then, it puts a financial value on the amount of liability you’re carrying in your systems. By putting risk in financial terms, you put the facts in the hands of the decision makers, building a compelling case for the budget required to employ effective IT security solutions.

Step Two: Execute a comprehensive layered security strategy.

Once you’ve convinced the decision makers, you have to roll out an all encompassing strategy that uses the right tools. The First Solution platform offers the most comprehensive IT security solution on the market today, giving you the best in proactive, detective, and reactive security:

Proactive Security

The best defence is to prevent breaches altogether. First Solution helps you do this with:

Managed web security that safeguards users from visiting malicious websites.
Software management for 40+ Microsoft and 80+ third-party application families, which helps close known exploits in those programs (including in Office 365).
Mail security that stops incoming email threats including malware attachments, phishing, ransomware, and spam.

Detective Security

Of course, prevention plays only one part and when potential threats do crop up, you have to catch them immediately. We have you covered on that front, too, with:

Managed antivirus that gives you rock solid malware protection.
Failed login checks and rules to keep hackers from brute forcing their way into your systems.
Active device discovery to let you catch rogue devices before they cause harm.

Reactive Security

With solid proactive and detective security measures, you’ll shut down most threats, but some will still slip through the cracks. To complete your cyber security strategy, you need the ability to quickly recover systems to a safe state following a successful threat.

Backup and recovery that gets you back up and running quickly after a disaster.
Virtual server recovery to help you restore business continuity after an attack on your physical servers and workstations.
Local backup that helps you restore even during an internet service disruption.
A local vault that minimises data loss by allowing you to backup more frequently at LAN speeds while still having cloud based redundancy.
Hybrid cloud recovery that provides on- and off-site data storage.

Step Three: Use data driven insights to continuously strengthen security.

Your job doesn’t end when you’ve deployed your layered security features, you have to constantly remain vigilant against emerging threats to ensure you provide the best in IT security services.

First Solution’s platform constantly scans your networks and endpoints for irregularities so you can prevent problems well before they happen. By using machine learning and big data analytics to analyse billions of data points across hundreds of thousands of networks, First Solution gives you datacbacked insights that you can immediately apply to all systems under your management.

Risk Intelligence Report

Risk Intelligence Report helps build the business case for effective security investments

Cyber Security Audits

Locate security holes in your cyber defences.

Business Continuity Planning

Full Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning services and solutions.

Cyber Essentials

Demonstrate to interested parties that you have taken the precautions necessary to reduce cyber risks.

Our Approach

As your business evolves, so do your systems, infrastructure, and the skills of your people. Our Proactive IT Support Services provide a wide range of IT support, including IT staff training, health and risk assessments, and best practices. Our support services IT focused approach helps you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way with Proactive IT Support.

Our Proactive Services are available for our clients. Many of our clients environment’s are dependent on applications and developers who innovate on the Microsoft platform. We connect you with deep expertise around Microsoft development technologies. Proactive Services are available for on premise, in the cloud or hybrid solutions. Many of our services are optimised to assist your IT team in migration and support in complex transitional environments and solutions.

24/7 IT Support

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Strategic IT Partner

IT strategy and roadmap development using industry leading consultancy processes.

Highly accredited

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials plus certified.

Cyber Security

Next generation Cyber Security managed services delivered by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre.

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Experts in driving businesses to the Modern Workplace.

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